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Harry Potter Fetish Fic
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Subject:Teaser Drabble: Taken
Time:10:40 pm
Current Mood:uncomfortableitchy
Title: Taken
Author/Artist: jedipirate
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Snape/Sirius
Warnings/Kinks/Squicks/Fetish: slash, non-con, bondage, slave-trade (not necessarily in that order)
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters herein, and no money is being made from this work.
A/N: I wrote this as a teaser for a full-length fic to be posted in the very near future.
The year is 1982. The war has recently ended... and someone has acquired a new toy.

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Time:09:08 am
Current Mood:goodgood
You know, I'm finding this to be a bit not fair. It's my birthday, and you're all getting the fic. Ah, well. Maybe you'll like it? *shrugs*

Title: Mending the Break
Author: Krissie
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Pairing: Seamus/Draco
Word count: 4256
Disclaimer: Yeah. So not mine. I don't own the Olympics, either. Or even a pair of skates.
Warnings: Um...hospital sex? There's lots of 'em in here. Let's play "Spot the Fetish!"
A/N: I killed three birds with one fic here, I did. First, it's for jadarene, after her S/D limericks got her hooked on my pairing. XD The Skater!Draco is for orionnoire, because I mentioned it and she told me to write it or die. Not really, but you know. And then, it's for the work fetish thing over at hp_fetish that technically ended like a month ago, but I'm slow and went through a crapload of beta on this to make it presentable. On that note...thank you to arashikurobara, orionnoire, and persekore for the beta jobs. Oh, and, as usual, the title sucks horribly.

Also! In response, jadarene limerick'd this! Check it out here!!

Mending the BreakCollapse )
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Subject:Challenge extension
Time:04:40 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
Hi, everyone!

Since a few people have expressed their need for more time, Krissie and I have decided to offer an extension for our holiday challenge. It was previously due next Sunday, the 15th and will be extended to January 22d.

Wishing you all a good end of holidays/return to school or work,
Paula and Krissie
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Current Music:Sommeil sans rêve - Harmonium
Subject:New challenge
Time:04:22 pm
Current Mood:rushedrushed
Holiday challenge!

In fact, the title is misleading; in order to cheer us all up when the dreaded back to school/work date rears its ugly head, we’re launching a "welcome back to work/school" challenge!

The guidelines:

*Pick any fetish or kink.

*All fics and art must take place in the office or the classroom (it doesn’t have to be the character’s classroom or office). Be creative! It can be at the MoM, in a teacher’s office, during class, in a Mediwitch’s examination room, etc.

*All fics and arts are due the 15th of January.

*There is no word limit.

*Feel free to post whenever you’re done.

Enjoy the challenge, everyone!

Paula and Krissie.

As a side note, non-challenge fic and art are always welcome, so if anyone of you wishes to post holiday fic or art, you’re welcome to do so!
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Time:07:41 pm

Title: The Importance of Accepting Boundaries        
Author/Artist: devils_fantasy

Rating: R
Warnings/Kinks/Squicks/Fetish: endytophilia
Disclaimer: Sex.
A/N: NOT SNACO! Be happy.

The Importance of Accepting BoundariesCollapse )</span>

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Subject:Mod Post
Time:09:37 pm
Current Mood:sicksick
The second challenge is officially closed. Here is the submitted art:

Flying High, by harkskar, DM/HP, NC-17 (Acrophilia - Being sexually aroused by heights).

The next challenge will run until October 31st, 11:59pm (in your time zone). There is no word limit for this one and the two fetish choices are:

Timophilia - Arousal from power or wealth. And
Endytophilia - Refers to preferring a sex partner to be clothed rather than naked during sex.

As always, both art and fics are welcomed.

Have fun everyone!

Paula and Krissie
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Time:05:10 am
Title: Flying High
Artist: harkskar
Rating: R-nc17 NWS
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Warnings/Kinks/Squicks/Fetish: Acrophilia, sex, a bit of Quidditch gear
Disclaimer: Er. Not mine.
A/N: Thanks to krissielee for being so wonderful and lovely. Drawn for this weeks challenge.

Flying HighCollapse )
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Time:11:55 am
Current Mood:dorky
Hey, folks!

Challenge reminder time!

Remember, this challenge ends Monday!

Your two topics are erotographomania and acrophilia! Drabble-length or longer, however you wanna pull it off!

Come on, people! Don't let the comm die! If you need a few days extention, let orionnoire or me know! We'll work it out!
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Subject:Mid-October Challenge(s)!
Time:09:59 am
Current Mood:accomplished
So we're two days late. Tough. We're lazy. XD

The First Challenge is officially over!

And we had a few people write! Yay!

Doleros by devils_fantasy. D/various and D/SS, algophilia, amychesis, daeryphilia...
Such Nice Shoes by kyasuriin. D/P, altocalciphilia
The Winning Hand by krissielee...or me, as you know me. H/D, sacofricosis

And one that was WAY TOO LONG TO BE IN THE CHALLENGE, MISSY!!!! Confessions by lemon_bing_bong. H/D, confessions

But now, it's time for another one!

This is gonna run a bit different, through the end of the month or so. Each week, either Paula or I will give you a choice of two fetishes. Choose one (or both), and write it. You will have one week, and there is no word limit. Try to at least be over drabble-length, though. Longer is better, but remember, you have one week!

So right! This week, your two fetishes are:

Acrophilia - Being sexually aroused by heights
Erotographomania - Strong desire to write love letters or poetry

You know you want to write them. You just never had a place to be accepted. XD

Start writing, folks! This challenge ends on the 24th! A little more than a week, but we have a reason: we like posting on Mondays. XD

As usual, any questions, just ask!

Your friendly neighborhood mods,

Krissie and Paula

P.S. Paula and I are arguing about posting this at the mo, so it will prolly change, I just want to make sure I don't forget to post it. ^^;;;
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Time:08:02 pm
Current Mood:accomplished
Title: The Winning Hand
Author/Artist: Krissie
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 703
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Warnings/Kinks/Squicks/Fetish: Sacofricosis, Voyeurism-ish, Exhibitionism-ish...
Disclaimer: Um...yeah. So not mine.
A/N: For the first challenge over at hp_fetish. I'm...kind of iffy on this one, about as much as on everything else I've ever written, though, so not much difference, I guess. ^^;;; This is dedicated to orionnoire, to help make up for her bad memories of sacofricosiac old men. XD

The Winning HandCollapse )
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Harry Potter Fetish Fic
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